Walkie Tonky

Walkie Tonky prototype

Kick and stomp your way through a cityscape


  • Entertaining mechanics
  • Cool graphics and music


  • Short

Very good

Walkie Tonky is a physics based scrolling 'walk 'em up', where you take control of a giant alien robot, intent on destroying human civilization.

Physics based games are ten a penny these days, but Walkie Tonky manages to to stand out of the crowd enough to check out. The simple and home-made feel of the graphics make it visually pleasing, and the gameplay is quite unusual. The scrolling never stops, so you have to make sure your rampaging robot doesn't get stuck. As Godzilla discovered, humans defend themselves with tanks, helicopters and jets, which can be picked up and thrown at them.

Control is with the mouse and keyboard, and takes a bit of getting used to. Once you have, it's pretty fun managing to keeping out of danger, dodging missiles, kicking tanks and buildings. If you have the impression this is an aggressive, violent game, it really isn't. The giant robot's gentle plodding, and ambient electronic music make it quite relaxing, in a chaotic way. This version has only one level, but completing it and beating the boss opens up a 'challenge mode', which adds some longevity to this free indie game.

There are some quirks in the Walkie Talkie engine - sometimes your projectiles get stuck on enemy craft, and amusingly you can catch some one the rebound and use them again.

Walkie Tonky is a fun and attractive game, though it's not long enough to seriously eat into your time.

Walkie Tonky


Walkie Tonky prototype

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